Shotzi Brings Back Old Entrance On WWE SmackDown

Shotzi's tank is officially back on WWE TV.

The charismatic Superstar brought back her old "NXT" entrance prior to her loss to Bayley on the 9/30 episode of "WWE SmackDown." After the match, Bayley hit a second Rose Plant on Shotzi before getting a ladder to the ring. Just then, "Raw" Women's Champion Bianca Belair made a run-in to rescue Shotzi. 

Shotzi was rumored to bring back the tank following her babyface turn a few weeks ago. Prior to her character change, Fightful Select reported that plans were in place for Shotzi's tank to be delivered to the venue of the show. While the tank was not used, subsequent reports confirmed that WWE creative had approved plans for Shotzi to bring back the zestful entrance from her "NXT" days. Furthermore, prior to Friday's show, Fightful reported that Shotzi's tank had traveled to the venue of the show - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – for the third straight episode of the Blue Brand.

Following her WWE main roster call-up in 2021, Shotzi had briefly used the tank while teaming up with Nixon Newell (FKA Tegan Nox). However, both the tank and her last name – Blackheart – were quickly dropped after she underwent a character change under the Vince McMahon regime. She officially turned heel upon attacking Sasha Banks on October 29, 2021. 

Fans on social media believe Shotzi's ongoing rivalry with Damage CTRL could lead to her involvement in the Women's WarGames Match on November 26. WWE has been building to a match between Damage CTRL and other heels against some combination of Belair, Shotzi, Rodriguez and other babyfaces at Survivor Series.