AEW Reportedly Scrapped Plans For The Young Bucks Sneaker Promotion

When will the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega return to AEW? Or, perhaps more pertinent: Will the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega return to AEW? These are questions fans have been wondering ever since the post-All Out incident involving the three of them and CM Punk last month, with little information to suggest anything one way or another.


Speaking with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer discussed when he thinks fans will see The Elite in AEW again.

"I have no idea what timeframe," Meltzer said. "I'm sure they'll be... I shouldn't even say I'm sure, but I expect that they'll all be back. I don't know, will they be back in a week, a month? I have no idea. And I don't think anyone really knows. I think there's just a lot of things going on behind the scenes that kind of are prolonging this, whether it's a legal thing, whether it's threats of lawsuits or whatever, that they're kind of treading on thin ice and not wanting to make any moves just yet."

Are there clues in the shoes?

Some have speculated that the Elite's return to AEW could be soon, given AEW has helped promote the Young Bucks line of Diadora shoes on social media. But according to Meltzer, there was even more promotion for the sneakers planned on AEW TV that didn't come to pass due to the All Out incident.


"They didn't promote it on television ... and it didn't matter because it sold out instantly," Meltzer said. "But I mean the original thing was ... to promote it hard on television, and that didn't happen at all. So I think that they're willing to go in social media to a degree:. Look, they haven't mentioned their names on television once.

"And I think that's... it's awkward, as a viewer, when Punk was the world champion and then we all watched him win the world title, and now his name is never mentioned, and all of a sudden Moxley's the champion after having lost to Punk. It's one of those things that hurts a promotion, and so they've got to kind of get past that. It's just one of those tough situations; every promoter will go through them many, many times in their life, but this was one of them."