KUSHIDA Pulled From Another NJPW Show

New Japan Pro Wrestling has announced that KUSHIDA will not be appearing on the company's Declaration of Power show set to take place this coming Monday. KUSHIDA has now missed several weeks of action due to hand, foot, and mouth disease. While that ailment typically does not take too long to recover from, it's possible that KUSHIDA is dealing with a more severe version, or the company is giving the performer ample time off to fully recover before bringing him back into the ring.


KUSHIDA was originally scheduled for a singles match against Taiji Ishimori at Declaration of Power. While NJPW has yet to announce a replacement match, the company does note that it will announce something before the event takes place. KUSHIDA was previously removed from several tag team matches due to illness, with his last in-ring appearance for the company taking place on September 15.

After signing a contract with WWE and spending a few years in "NXT," KUSHIDA made a return to NJPW this past June. Now that he is back, it seems the former "NXT" Cruiserweight Champion has no intention to leave. The former "NXT" star also made several appearances with Impact Wrestling over the summer, taking on wrestlers such as Rich Swann and even reuniting with former tag team partner Alex Shelley along with Chris Sabin, dubbing themselves 'Time Machine.' KUSHIDA was reportedly not happy in the waning days of his WWE contract, as he did not see much use on television once the company made the change over to "NXT 2.0."