Saraya Gives Big Updates On Her Health And In-Ring Future

Upon Saraya's debut in AEW at "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam," there was very little solid information concerning her health and whether she has received medical clearance for a return to the ring. The former WWE Superstar was forced to retire from a neck injury in 2018. Her getting physical in the ring with Britt Baker recently may have cleared up some of that uncertainty with reports that doctors gave her the green light to compete following soon after. 


Saraya sat down with Chris Jericho on his Talk is Jericho podcast and got into the status of her neck. 

"It's good," Saraya said. "I feel really healthy, and my neck feels fantastic." After commenting about taking things much slower now that she's in AEW than she did in WWE, she explained that there is a valid reason for her caution. "I just really want to take care of my body, because as much as I want to rush into doing all these different types of matches, I know what happened last time."

As she took the time to heal and her body responded, she remarked that there was more than just the physical holding her back from getting in the ring again. "And then, after a while, too, it was all mental for me as well," she said. "Like 'Well now I'm scared. What do I do?' So getting over that hump, and I still have that mental block a little bit," she continued. "But I feel like if I'm in the ring with the right person, then I'm going to be way more comfortable."


She also pointed out how a change in her wrestling style is required in order to stay healthy and looked to a former WWE rival for inspiration on how to make that shift. "It reminds me of when I did the match with AJ Lee at SummerSlam. She couldn't take a bunch that much either," she added, "so we did the whole match without her taking a bump. So I'm like 'I want to be that kind of worker.' I will take a bump, but I'm not going to be a bump monkey like I used to be," she stated.

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