More Details On Chris Jericho's New AEW Contract Revealed

Following the announcement from AEW that Chris Jericho has signed a three-year contract extension with the company, further clarifications have been given regarding some of the semantics of "The Ocho" and his future with AEW (per Wrestling Observer Newsletter).

While the official press release stated that the contract extension would run through 2025, it seems as if it will actually run through early 2026 if a further extension is not given. This is because Jericho's existing contract doesn't expire until January 2024, meaning he has four years remaining altogether. Jericho's new extension will not be in effect until January 2023, when it will officially replace his old contract for the following three years.

The reigning Ring of Honor World Champion has reportedly been on a $3 million per year deal since his last three-year contract extension in 2021 and will be paid even more when his new extension comes into effect. The Observer calls the new contract the biggest of Jericho's 32-year career, which has spanned some of the biggest wrestling companies in history, including WCW, WWE, and NJPW.

Similarly to Jon Moxley's recently signed contract extension, Jericho will take on additional roles in the coming years. Notably, Jericho will act as a producer and creative advisor for Tony Khan and the executive team. Unlike Moxley, however, Jericho's three-year extension means that "The Wizard" will remain with the Tony Khan-led company until the age of 55. This is something that those within WWE are very aware of, as it makes the idea of Jericho returning to the company for one last run increasingly unlikely at this stage of his career.