Karrion Kross Comments On People Thinking WWE's 'White Rabbit' Was Him

Bray Wyatt's "White Rabbit" teases sparked much speculation among the wrestling community. Before Wyatt's return at the Extreme Rules premium live event, many wrestlers were caught up in the whirlwind of speculation surrounding the mystery. One such wrestler was the freshly reemerged Karrion Kross. In an interview with GiveMeSport, Kross commented on the speculation that surrounded him in the build to Wyatt's return.

"The first time they played that song [...] I had a couple people on "SmackDown" kind of turn over and look at me," Kross said, "some people who knew me a long time, they knew that used to be my theme music in "Lucha Underground." And you have white rabbits and all that stuff with the hourglass, and they thought, 'is that you or is that Bray Wyatt?" As he mentioned, the speculation toward Kross came from his time in "Lucha Underground." While wrestling there, Kross was known as The White Rabbit. This, combined with Kross' mind games with rival Drew McIntyre, got speculation running that Kross was involved with the White Rabbit teases seen in the weeks leading up to Extreme Rules.

Kross said the speculation got so bad, his own family members and close friends thought he was lying to them. He also said that he personally was hoping it was Wyatt the whole time, and commented that the whole thing was "very cool." As to whether or not Kross could still be involved in a Wyatt centered faction,, such as the rumored Wyatt 6, he kept his answer short and simple. "If the fans really want that, it's something I'd completely consider," he said, "we'll have to see how things play out."