The Boogeyman Claims To Be Father Of Recently Re-Signed WWE Star

The Boogeyman, who wrestled for WWE in the mid-to-late 2000s, wore face paint, ate worms, and attempted to scare his opponents with his creepy antics. He's certainly not the only wrestler who ever used spooky mind games to ultimately secure a win over their opponent, though. Bray Wyatt is another example.

On Twitter, The Boogeyman posted a picture of himself staring at a poster with Wyatt on it and stated: "I AM .........your father 🔥 CMIN2GETCHA 🔥"

Wyatt recently returned to WWE at Extreme Rules to a massive ovation after being released from the company in July 2021 while Vince McMahon was still in charge. Thus far, Wyatt has not adopted one of his prior gimmicks.

From 2013-2019, Wyatt portrayed a cult leader, engaging in feuds with the likes of The Undertaker and John Cena and having backup in the form of The Wyatt Family. Under this persona, Wyatt won his first major singles title, defeating five men to capture the WWE Championship in an Elimination Chamber match in 2017.

In 2019, Wyatt reinvented himself by creating a masked character known as The Fiend. At times, The Fiend would be impervious to pain during his matches. He also had a split personality. When not wearing the mask, Wyatt acted as a creepy kid's show host. Under The Fiend persona, Wyatt captured the Universal Championship twice for a combined length of 126 days.