Bayley Wants To See More Championships For Women In WWE

On WWE's main roster, there are currently three titles available to women, discounting the 24/7 Championship — those titles are the "Raw" Women's Championship, the "SmackDown" Women's Championship, and the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. In WWE's developmental system, "NXT," the structure is similar in the fact that the brand has a singles title, the "NXT" Women's Championship, and tag titles, the "NXT" Women's Tag Team Championships.

While on "Sportskeeda Wrestling," former "Raw" and "SmackDown" Women's Champion Bayley discussed her thoughts on possibly adding an Intercontinental Championship or United States Championship to the women's division in the future.

"It wouldn't hurt," Bayley said. It would be nice to have another title, but I think it's just going to take time, you know? When we wanted those Women's Tag Team Titles, it took a long time and it took someone actually fighting for them. So, if that's what we want, someone has to stand up for it and really fight for it and prove that it's going to be a benefit to the division."

WWE introduced the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships on the main roster in 2019, with Sasha Banks and Bayley becoming the first-ever champions. Since their inception, the titles have not also been featured or showcased as the most important titles in the company. However, with Triple H as Head of Creative for WWE now, the title have seen more screen time, as they currently are held by IYO SKY and Dakota Kai of Damage CTRL. The faction Damage CTRL is led by Bayley who recently pinned current "Raw" Women's Champion Bianca Belair in the main event of the October 24th, 2022, edition of "Monday Night Raw." 

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