Jim Ross Gives Update After Doctor's Appointment: 'Not All Good News'

Legendary commentator Jim Ross has been battling skin cancer since he was first diagnosed in October 2021. He announced that he was cancer-free in December, but the road to full recovery is not always a straightforward one, and unfortunately, he had announced some negative news this week.


Ross, 70, has consistently updated fans throughout this journey, and he has received incredible support from fans, peers, and AEW along the way. In his latest update on Twitter, he said: "My first wound care appointment today lasted an eternity. Not all good news but nothing it can't handle. I'm told I'm looking at 6 more months of healing. Looking forward to Atlantic City for Rampage Friday night on ⁦⁦@tntdrama⁩. I'm booked! ⁦@AEW"

The WWE Hall of Famer took nearly a month off during the initial treatments but has since shown his dedication and love for his work by continuing to be part of AEW's product, even though the travel has been painful for him at points. ⁩Last week JR confirmed that he has started some treatment to aid the recovery process, which he had hoped was going to speed up the healing.


Ross has been primarily working on "AEW Rampage" as of late. It's a decision the company made to help the Friday night show grow, and something that the veteran commentator said he was "happy with."