10 Of The New Day's Most Memorable WWE Matches

Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, and Big E do not need much of an introduction. As individuals, they are three men with unique legacies within professional wrestling. But as The New Day, their powers combine into one of the greatest factions in WWE history. The New Day stands the test of time, thriving in these last eight years thanks to the "power of positivity."


The New Day continues to build a legacy that includes achievements both in and out of the ring. Their catalog is built on a plethora of memorable matches. There's something for everyone, including dramatic storytelling, extreme violence, and big-time spots.

Take this walk across time to relive ten memorable matches from New Day. This list goes back to their debut in 2014, all the way up to September of 2022. Some of the entries include odd pairings like Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil, while others feature their biggest rivals in The Usos. Don't think of this as a top 10 list, instead consider it a reminder of all the factors that contributed to WWE naming the New Day the greatest tag team in the promotion's history.


VS. The Revival: WWE TLC 2019

After putting on multiple classics in NXT, The Revival moved to the main roster in 2017 and immediately attacked the New Day. An injury cut their initial feud short, and two years would pass before they picked things up.


The blowoff match against the Revival occurred at WWE TLC on December 15, 2019. It was here that Kingston and Big E reminded the wrestling community that they could get "extreme" when necessary.

The memorable spots came often and early. Kingston's athletic abilities were on full display, which is usually the case when a ladder is involved. There was a big sequence early in the match, where Kingston jumped over the ladder twice and then hit a springboard splash onto the ladder to knock down the Revival. He later brought the crowd to life when he balanced on the top rope and bounced back onto Scott Dawson after nearly falling from the ladder. But he couldn't counter a devastating Shatter Machine moments later.


Big E held his own as well, setting up the closing sequence with a Big Ending off the ladder on Dash Wilder. Kingston then sprang to life to land on the ladder, eventually sending Dawson to the ground before grabbing the titles for the win.

VS. The Usos, WWE Day 1 2022

The Usos have dominated as the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. Their long run is quickly encroaching on the record held by the New Day. One of their title defenses along the way came against Kingston and Woods at WWE Day 1 on January 1, 2022.


One of the things that work the best when these two teams face off is how they continue to innovate on their offense. It is understandable that after so many matches, they would recognize what their opponents are planning. That comes across in this match as both teams countered multiple moves and broke out new techniques to change things up. For example, after Woods gets the hot tag, he hits a modified death valley driver for a two count, a move he had not used before. Kingston went for his Trouble in Paradise, but Jey Uso countered it perfectly with a superkick while Jimmy followed up with a splash from the top. Even the Midnight Hour, a move the New Day used to pick up multiple victories, was shut down to open the door for the final sequence of the match. The Usos hit the 1-D, a move they hadn't used before, to pick up the win and keep The Bloodline in control.


VS. The Usos, Hell in a Cell 2017

The Usos versus New Day at WWE Day 1 was a great match, but their meeting in Hell of the Cell may stand as their best outing to date.

The tag team match at Hell in a Cell 2017 was 22 minutes of violence. There were many instances that left fans speechless as Woods, Big E, and the Usos put themselves through agony to get the win.


All four men turned to weapons immediately after the opening bell, forgoing the idea of anything close to traditional wrestling. The first "move" saw Big E assist Woods in punching Jimmy in the face with his fist wrapped in a chain. That was followed up by Big E almost launching himself and Jimmy from the ring apron through the cage. Three minutes into the match and fans were already chanting "This is awesome!"

The Usos had their own additions to the violence. Jimmy tossed a chair at Woods better than most MLB fastballs. The image of Woods hanging from the ring post screaming, while the Usos battered his ribs with kendo sticks was the moment of the entire match. However, those kendo sticks couldn't stop Big E as he ran through both men and smashed Jimmy into the cage. The final sequence was near perfect as a handcuffed Woods attempted to keep fighting. But more shots from the kendo sticks, superkicks, and the Double Uce were enough to put him away.


VS. The Bar, WWE SmackDown Live 2018

Sheamus and Cesaro are two fan favorites as individual performers, but some of their best work came during the years together as The Bar. Multiple times during that run, they played foil to the New Day. One such time came during the August 7, 2018, edition of "SmackDown."


Both teams were chasing the current champions, The Bludgeon Brothers. This match was the finals of a tag team tournament, with a title shot at SummerSlam on the line. That elevated the intensity of the match and both teams delivered in what was the main event of the episode.

The action was a mix of power, speed, and shenanigans that kept the crowd invested. Both teams had their moments, but things picked up after Big E missed the apron splash on Cesaro. From that point, he and Kingston alternated playing the babyface in peril. That included Big E being hit with a superplex followed by a knee drop and Kingston taking an assisted White Noise. The moment of the match was Big E power out of the crossface and lift Cesaro up while still in the move to hit the Midnight Hour with Kingston to pick up the victory.


VS. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, WWE Extreme Rules 2015

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 is the starting point of the New Day's championship legacy. This night, they defeated Tyson Kidd and Cesaro for their first run as tag team champions.

Kingston and Kidd shared intricate sequences at the start of the match to display their chain wrestling abilities before tagging out to the powerhouses Big E and Cesaro. The image of Cesaro catching Big E in midair is still a highlight nearly a decade later. While all this action was happening in the ring, Woods was perplexed by the crowd peppering them with "New Day Sucks" chants.


The crowd jumped out of their chairs when Kingston countered the slingshot into the corner with a crossbody from the top, only to get caught by Cesaro in midair and planted with a backbreaker. The tandem offense continued with another impressive feat when Cesaro lifted Kingston with a suplex from the apron into the ring where Kidd followed up with an elbow drop. Woods came into play with a distraction after the big swing to dropkick combination. That opened the door for Kingston to roll up Cesaro with a handful of tights for the victory.

It might be hard to see the New Day as heels today, but they played that role well in picking up their first tag team championship back at WWE Extreme Rules 2015.


VS. The Street Profits, WWE Survivor Series 2020

Wrestling fans of various demographics flock to stars that represent them in the ring. The Street Profits and the New Day are two teams that embrace their roles and what they mean to fans. They shared the ring together at WWE Survivor Series in 2020 in a match that was memorable not only for the action, but as a passing of the torch.


Coming into this match, both teams were set as babyfaces and they initially played off that mutual respect. But that slowly shifted into the New Day playing the heel, using some underhanded tactics to get an advantage. They pulled on the top rope to cause Montez Ford to fall out of the ring and isolated him in their corner, much like heels would. Kingston even took Ford's trademark red solo cup, mocking him before kicking it away. Corey Graves made it a point to commended them for their "new attitude" while on commentary.

The Street Profits turned things around with innovative offense including a new takedown from Angelo Dawkins and a running sliced bread from Ford. One of the big highlights was Ford avoiding Kingston and hitting him with his own Trouble in Paradise. That set the motions in place for the Street Profits to hit the doomsday blockbuster for the win.


This was the first time these teams faced off and it is a memorable match that is hopefully the focus of a long-term feud in the future.

VS. Curtis Axel and Slater Gator (Heath Slater & Titus O'Neil), WWE SmackDown 2014

The New Day's story officially began on November 28, 2014. The trio competed in their first match as a group against Curtis Axel, Heath Slater, and Titus O'Neil on an episode of "SmackDown." This may not be the type of trios action that excites today's wrestling fan, but it's an interesting look at where this group started years ago.


New Day's offense was strong to start, with each member showcasing what they brought to the group. Big E was to be the powerhouse, Kingston brought agility and quickness, and Woods was set to play the "worker" and absorb majority of the bumps. The New Day was in control for the majority of the match, except for a few minutes when Woods was caught with a distraction. One of the biggest moments was Big E's assist to Kingston, sending him flying over the top to land on the three opponents. It's a move they still use, albeit sparingly, to this day. They finished off the brief debut with Midnight Hour.

There's a lot from this match that's still true about New Day. Their in-ring quips are hard to miss, much of the move set is still built upon the same base, and even their theme music has remained the same for nearly a decade. But there's been enough changes and character development with each individual that they continue to be an act that fans enjoy.


VS. The Good Brothers, Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev, The Bar, The Usos, and Daniel Bryan and Rowan, WWE SmackDown 2019

The run up to Kofi Kingston's championship victory at WrestleMania 35 enthralled fans. As part of it, Woods and Big E took part in a gauntlet match with Kofi's title opportunity on the line. 

Woods and Big E came out hot, facing The Good Brothers first and putting them away in mere minutes. Nakamura and Rusev were next, and they did not go away so easily. They isolated Woods for much of the match, but he was able to swing momentum after reversing an exploder suplex from Nakamura. Big E made the tag but even he had to rally before they hit another Midnight Hour for their second win.


The Bar was up next, and this is where things started to slide for New Day. Cesaro and Sheamus brought physicality that quickly wore on Big E and Woods. The crowd popped when Woods made the hot tag, and it looked like the momentum wouldn't sustain, but Woods found a way to roll up Sheamus. The Usos were next and created one of the best moments in a WWE ring when they forfeited the match out of respect.

That brought out the last team of Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Bryan and Rowan picked them apart for nearly the entire match. The fans were on their feet for the rally of offense and counted in unison as Rowan was counted out while buried under the announce table.

VS. AJ Styles and Chris Jericho, WWE Monday Night Raw 2016

Before Chris Jericho and AJ Styles faced off at WrestleMania 32, they joined forces in an attempt to become tag champions. That didn't happen because they ran into the New Day on "Monday Night Raw."

Jericho and Styles worked well together in this match, but New Day were able to outperform the two individual stars. This was one of the first times fans witnessed the Unicorn Stampede and Woods entertaining everyone from ringside with his trombone.


This was a feature match for Styles, who was still new to the WWE. He hit a big springboard reverse DDT, a move that he brought to the promotion. The crowd was invested in Jericho and Styles as a team, responding loudly to the near fall after the springboard 450 from Styles. Kingston landed a nasty spin kick on Styles before going for the Trouble in Paradise on Jericho but was reversed in the Walls of Jericho. Thanks to Woods, Kingston was able to tag in Big E who went on a run to pin Jericho after the Big Ending.

Fans will remember Jericho's turn on Styles after this match, but the action in the minutes before that was one of the most memorable outings for the New Day.

VS. The Viking Raiders, WWE SmackDown 2022

No one knew what a Viking Rules match was before September 2, 2022, but that all changed thanks to the New Day versus The Viking Raiders. 

The violence came early and often. The Viking Raiders swung shields like chairs, and all four men battled through the crowd. The sound of Ivar hitting the crossbody on Woods against the barricade let out a sickening thud. After dropping Ivar with a kick, Kingston picks up one of the most ridiculous weapons in WWE history, a hammer of Thor with a unicorn horn as the handle. He flatted Erick with it but that still was not enough to get the victory.


Even the ring itself was a weapon when all four men battled on the portion that was turned into a Viking ship. Everything from the double foot sweep to smash Erik's face into a chair, to Ivar landing the splash to break up the pin -– so much of this match was unique. The finish saw the Viking Raiders toss Woods off the boat and through two stacked tables for the pinfall.