Karrion Kross Is Down To Feud With Recently Suspended Star

Nick Aldis is dreaming up all sorts of plans at the moment. Over the weekend, the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion reportedly put in his notice to the National Wrestling Alliance; the NWA responded by suspending Aldis, as NWA COO Joe Galli stressed the situation was not a part of any storyline. With fans' imaginations running wild at the thought of Aldis being a free agent soon, they began fantasy-booking him against a bevy of talent. One match idea that popped up on Twitter as a result: Nick Aldis vs. Karrion Kross.


Karrion Kross responded to the tweet, saying "I'm game," and included a smiling GIF from the 2008 biopic "Bronson" — a film starring Tom Hardy as the infamously violent prison inmate Charles Bronson. "Me too," Aldis responded.

While both men are veterans of the independent scene and Impact Wrestling, Aldis and Kross have somehow never crossed paths in the ring. Kross is currently under contract to WWE after returning to the company earlier this year. Therefore, if the match were to take place anytime soon, Aldis would have to make his way to WWE for it to happen. 

Aldis had been a franchise star of the NWA since 2017, when Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame took over the promotion, making Aldis a focal point in the process. Aldis' two reigns as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion hit the milestone of being the sixth-longest combined reign in the history of the legendary championship. But Aldis and Corgan's relationship has recently soured over Corgan's creative direction for the promotion, in particular comments made about women's wrestling in the NWA.