Big Backstage Update On Lady Frost's Impact Status

It has been over four months since Lady Frost asked for her release from Impact Wrestling. It was a process that should've been simple but instead led to months of limbo for Frost after Impact denied her request. But a new report suggests that Frost may have finally found the break from Impact that she was looking for.


According to Fightful Select, Frost has now managed to secure her release from Impact Wrestling at the promotion's most recent set of television tapings in October. Impact hadn't been expected to let Frost go, even though she hadn't wrestled for the company since April and hadn't been in communication with them since September. So what changed?

Impact's shift likely was caused by two situations, including one brought forth by Frost herself. She had gone as far as approaching Leonard Asper, the President and CEO of Anthem — Impact's parent company — to request her release, following up with him regularly on the matter. In addition, it would appear that several in Impact had pushed to just let her walk, feeling it wasn't productive to keep hold of her at this point.


Frost had continued to work with various indies since attempting to exit with her most notable appearances for lucha libre promotion CMLL. Frost participated at the CMLL Internacional Women's Grand Prix in late October, coming close to claiming the victory only to be defeated by CMLL luchadora Dalys. With Frost now a free agent, CMLL and Frost were both reportedly happy with her performance, and Frost has already announced she'll be wrestling for CMLL again in early December.