GUNTHER Addresses Comparison To Roman Reigns

WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER is no stranger to dominant championship reigns. After all, while "NXT UK" Champion, he held the title for a record-setting 870 days. Roman Reigns is closing in on such a number with his current reign as WWE Universal Champion recently passing 800 days as WWE Universal Champion. During a recent "Ten Count," Steve Fall brought up that Reigns was quickly approaching GUNTHER's milestone, but GUNTHER didn't see much to comparisons between them. 


"When you phrase it that way, I got 70 days, right, to stop him," GUNTHER said. "Obviously I see that comparison a lot. I think it's not comparable. I think it's a very different situation. 'NXT UK' compared to the main roster — obviously, the competition is not on the same level. The frequency of shows is by far not on the same level."

GUNTHER also raised the point that he held the "NXT UK" Title primarily during the "pandemic era," although he does view his reign by the quality of his matches over the quantity. While Reigns is working a much lighter schedule now than he had in the past, GUNTHER has remained very active in the ring. At the moment, he remains focused on his reign as Intercontinental Champion, but that doesn't mean GUNTHER and Reigns won't cross paths down the line. When asked if we could see Imperium go against The Bloodline inside WarGames — which is coming up at Survivor Series this year — GUNTHER didn't seem too keen on the idea.


"Well, that's the question, right? I don't have the answer to it, but also, in general, if you follow what myself, Giovanni, and Ludwig stand for, that's very much against our principles, because we're old-fashioned professional wrestlers." GUNTHER added, "For us, the contest should happen as a one-on-one, a tag team, maybe a six-man, and all the other stuff is a little bit not for us."