Corey Graves Comes To The Defense Of Braun Strowman

This past weekend on Twitter, Braun Strowman kicked a social media hornet's nest as he made comments regarding certain styles of wrestling, namely bashing "Flippy Floppers." Wrestlers such as Mustafa Ali and Will Ospreay responded unfavorably to Strowman, and some of his tweets have now since been deleted. But then "WWE Raw" commentator Corey Graves came to Strowman's aid on his "After the Bell" podcast.

"To everybody on the internet that's all up Braun's ass about Braun being proud of himself, and him — in his opinion — declaring that was the greatest big man match of all time, look, that doesn't have to be your opinion," Graves stated. "Everybody's entitled to their opinion. That's how this business works. It's a subjective business. Braun delivered and Braun was feeling himself and he's got a whole bunch of people all up in arms about him saying, 'I'm the best.' You know what? That's what this game is now. This game is about self-promotion."

Following Strowman's comments, the "Monster of All Monsters" has reportedly put some heat on himself with some in the company unhappy with his online behavior. This is not the first time Strowman has stirred up on social media, but it is the first time he's waded into these waters since returning to the company in September. Strowman was released from the company in June 2021 but was brought back into the mix under the Triple H creative regime.

At Crown Jewel, Strowman took on the "Nigerian Giant" Omos in their first-ever encounter. After walking away with the win, Strowman had high praise for the match they put on, giving it a rating of 47 stars on Twitter.