Booker T Addresses Braun Strowman's Tweets Taunting The IWC

Braun Strowman has been known to rile up both fans and wrestlers alike with his controversial takes on Twitter. After pinning "The Nigerian Giant" Omos at WWE Crown Jewel, Strowman tweeted that "giants and monsters" were greater than "floppy floppers." The statement drew various responses from the likes of Mustafa Ali, Will Ospreay, and Chris Jericho. Now, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is weighing in.

During a recent episode of the "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T initially put over Strowman vs. Omos for exceeding his expectations.

"I think they went out and did a hell of a job," Booker T said. "They should be applauded because I'm sure a lot of people thought that match was gonna stink up the house. Give yourself a pat on the back. Hell yeah, man."

Booker T said he can recall a number of times where he has come through the curtain after having a good match and said "follow that." He understands where Strowman is coming from, however he also cautioned the former WWE Universal Champion.

"Stay away from any heat as far as stirring up a hornet's nest with these young guys with what they go out there and do because I sitr up enough for everybody," Booker T stated before referencing how he recently had the internet buzzing about Athena's stiff performance on "AEW Dark."

Strowman followed up his initial comments by tweeting that he has "mad respect" for his fellow wrestlers and bluntly said, "take a joke." Despite the feedback received, Strowman continued to taunt his naysayers by using hashtags like "#AmIDoingThisRight #HeatMagnet #TrollKilla #FlippyFloppy #DoYallLikeMeNow."