Elias And Riddle Tag Match Announced For 11/14 WWE Raw

Since returning to WWE on the October 17 edition of "Raw," Elias has gained a new fan of his music. While Elias generally prefers serving as a solo act, former "Raw" Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle has offered to lend his bongo-playing expertise in order to start a band between the two.


In recent weeks, the two have strung up some tension with Chad Gable and Otis of Alpha Academy. Riddle beat Otis in a Trick Or Street Fight match, while Elias fell to "The Bulldozer" last week on "Raw." Now, Riddle and Elias will officially team up for the first time ever as WWE has announced that Elias and "The Original Bro" will square off with Alpha Academy on the November 14 edition of "Raw."

Elias originally returned to WWE following the brutal attack on his brother Ezekial. On the August 10 edition of "Raw." Kevin Owens made an in-ring return to programming, later slamming Ezekiel's head into the commentary desk, followed by a pop-up powerbomb to the apron. Ezekiel was subsequently stretched out by the medical staff and vanished from WWE television completely. Upon Elias's return to WWE, he revealed that his brother's career was "tragically cut short."


In reality, WWE delisted Ezekial from their internal roster, to make room for the eventual comeback of Elias. Prior to his resurgence last month, Elias hadn't competed in a ring since July 19, 2021, on "Raw" during a Symphony of Destruction match with his former tag team partner, Jaxson Ryker, In response to his loss, Elias burned his beloved guitar, and declared himself (as Elias), dead.