Wardlow Makes Good Case For Deserving AEW Title Shot Over MJF

MJF will have his first singles pay-per-view match since May when he takes on Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at Full Gear. MJF's most recent pay-per-view match was at Double or Nothing against Wardlow — a match that saw Wardlow defeat MJF in quick fashion as he nailed the "Salt of the Earth" with 10 powerbombs. Following this match, Wardlow went on to win the TNT Championship by defeating Scorpio Sky and will be defending it at Full Gear against Powerhouse Hobbs and Samoa Joe in a three-way match. Despite Wardlow defeating MJF in May decisively, MJF will be receiving an AEW World Championship opportunity before him; Wardlow revealed his thoughts on the matter.


"Weird how that happens," Wardlow said appearing on "Barstool Rasslin'." "I murdered him, murdered him to the point where he disappeared for like, four months — and then he comes back and is already getting a heavyweight title shot." When asked if he believed this to be fair, Wardlow stated, "No, but I guess life isn't fair," he added. "I kind of am hoping he wins that title though because I would love to take it away from him."

MJF received this AEW World Championship opportunity due to winning the Casino Ladder match at All Out with the help of The Firm. In the months since though, MJF and The Firm have found themselves at odds. Wardlow discussed if he thinks that anyone else in the company deserves a match for the AEW World Championship more than him. "I don't think there is anybody else in the company more deserving and formidable to be standing across the ring from the champion."