Jeff Jarrett Takes Issue With Braun Strowman's 'Flippy Floppy' Tweets

Braun Strowman caused plenty of controversy after WWE's Crown Jewel when he took to social media to hype his match against Omos by taking a shot at "floppy floppers" in the business in the process. Many people responded to that, including Jeff Jarrett who took a shot at Strowman during his promo on "AEW Dynamite" last week, and he revealed on "My World with Jeff Jarrett" that he was well aware of Strowman's comments which he felt were "almost tone deaf."

"In 2022 when you look at the landscape of all of professional wrestling, of all of sports entertainment you want to resonate with your audience," he said. "Hats off — I think –[to] Corey Graves [who] made a great statement that Braun is happy; that he and Omos had a great match, but at the same time he didn't just put one, he put both feet in his mouth, and he is knocking flippy flop, which I take offense to."

Jarrett made it clear that the business needs to have a "diversity of genres" with separate styles that aren't all the same, and he feels his AEW faction in AEW proves that, with each member bringing something different to the table. For AEW's newest signing, he just wanted to ensure that his own giant, Satnam Singh, was being pushed in what he said, with Strowman's comments helping him with that.

"For him to kind of take that shot at it, I just thought here's a perfect opportunity to draw an analogy," Jarrett said. "Braun whether he's a former softball player or a strongman whatever it is, he's got some accolades but he's certainly not an NBA basketball player. Look, I am the antagonist, the Last Outlaw I am putting my guy over."

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