Saraya Gives Update On How She's Feeling After AEW Debut Match

The comeback has officially begun for Saraya.

On Saturday night's AEW Full Gear pay-per-view, Saraya entered the ring for the first time in nearly five years. There, she battled former AEW Women's World Champion Britt Baker, later securing the victory with her signature Rampaige DDT. The moment marked also Saraya's first taste of in-ring competition since receiving medical clearance from her previously injured neck a few weeks ago.

During a post-show media scrum, "The Glampire" explained how she was feeling after her match. "I feel fantastic," she said. "Tony [Khan] really takes care of us, down to a tee he was like, 'I'm not going to let you get back in the ring until you're 100% ready to go.' I was like, 'I promise you, I got this."

Saraya then reassured that she underwent thorough testing from an outside doctor to ultimately gain permission to resume in-ring competition. "We did MRIs, we did CT Scans, we did X-Rays, and my neck was just 100% ready to go," she confirmed. In addition, Saraya revealed the preparation she took on ahead of her match, as AEW doctors took extra precaution with her neck. "Before the match, they worked on my neck, they heated it, they put those electric pads on. They were going all the pressure point stuff and they said, 'we'll do this every single time you're here, even when you're not wrestling.'"

Following her match with Baker, medical staff conferred with Saraya, re-examining her neck after she took some bumps in the ring. "They massaged it a little [too], they felt it around a little, just to make sure everything was good," Saraya said.

With Saraya's debut match in AEW now completed, she joins the likes of Edge and Bryan Danielson as performers who've battled back from career-altering neck injuries.