Brock Lesnar Lets The Paul Brothers Know What He Thinks Of Them

Logan Paul has had just three matches in WWE, with the biggest of them all coming earlier this month at Crown Jewel in a bout against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. And while Paul did end up falling short that night, he put on a show. Whether fans like Paul or not will always be another story entirely, especially in pro wrestling, but the general belief seems to be that if you're from the outside and show that you actually want to be part of things in that industry, it can work out. Which brings us to one of the biggest names in the scripted sport, Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar has been wrestling on and off for WWE since 2002, and as we've gotten to know him over the years, it's clear that he has no issue telling you exactly what he thinks. So when it comes to Logan and his brother Jake Paul, how do they stack up in his mind? Well in a clip shared this afternoon by BT Sport via Jake, the Beast Incarnate had nothing but kind words to offer up.

"I'm excited for you guys," Lesnar said. "I'm excited for you guys. I'm proud of you guys, you've done well." Considering Lesnar's general reputation for being hard to impress, hearing such comments from "Tbe Beast" had to have been quite the thrill for the Paul brothers. Jake did come to his brother's aid at Crown Jewel, but ultimately it wasn't enough. Meanwhile, Logan continues to rehab the knee he injured against Reigns. It's a bump in the road for now, but the Paul brothers have taken to WWE quite quickly — and it appears at least some within WWE have also taken to them.