The Elite Once Again Includes Profane CM Punk Chant On Being The Elite

If The Elite and CM Punk have felt inseparable of late, it may be because Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks — Matt and Nick Jackson — continue to stir the pot. What all started with a Punk pipe bomb, of sorts, following AEW's All Out event back in September, continued with an internal investigation. With his future still up in the air, Punk hasn't made an appearance for AEW since, but The Elite did return at Full Gear and were embraced by loud "F*** CM Punk!" chants. The following week on "Dynamite," they soaked themselves in more Punk ribbing that included Omega biting Pac's arm, Matt Jackson pretending to botch the Buckshot Lariat, and Omega hitting Pac with the GTS — Punk's finishing move.


They're not stopping there, however. On the latest episode of "Being the Elite," they once again included the anti-Punk chants while working out how they were going to approach the match in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. While preparing for the match, Omega said "I feel the hostility of the crowd all around me," suggesting that they may have to cheat to win. The Bucks then chimed in with "Mentally I'm not prepared, so we might have to cheat," and "If the crowd's mean to us, I'm cheating."

Naturally, the Chicago crowd reacted how one could've imagined, as "F*** the Elite!" chants rained down early while they soaked it all up as their match got started. Shortly thereafter, however, more "F*** CM Punk!" chants bubbled to the surface, and they were more than happy to show those fans off once again. We'll have to wait and see whether or not Omega and the Young Bucks decide to poke the bear once again this week.