AEW Investigation Reportedly 'A Farce' And More

The validity of AEW's investigation into the post-All Out altercation between CM Punk and The Elite is now being called into question following a new report from PWInsider. Stemming from a reader question about the nature of the investigation, Dave Scherer let loose with a scathing assessment of the manner in which the investigation was handled — labeling it a "farce" – based on what he had seen and heard of the process.


Scherer began by noting that any company doing a thorough investigation of this type would have been sure to interview everyone that was present, in this case, everyone who witnessed the fight between Punk, Omega, the Young Bucks, and the recently-released Ace Steel. However, someone who wasn't interviewed for this particular investigation was Ace Steel's wife Lucy Guy, who was in the locker room at the time of the incident watching Punk's dog Larry. 

With that glaring omission, Scherer raised the idea that talking to her would have offered a different narrative about what happened and thrown a wrench in the approaching outcome we seem to be getting, noting that this may be just what Tony Khan ultimately wanted for his company when all was said and done. He offers that unless Guy and Steel were paid a sum of money to keep quiet, the EVPs involved would not have been able to be painted as the victims they have been with her recollection of events on the record. 


How everything has played out as it stands now is that Punk is reportedly negotiating a buy-out of his contract while The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are en route back to AEW television after not appearing at all since All Out. Both camps' sides of the story have managed to get out, even as Khan has maintained radio silence on the issue, perhaps due to legal concerns. However, any potential litigation seems to have fallen by the wayside as of now.