Former WWE Official On If Sami Zayn Should Win Royal Rumble

At Survivor Series WarGames this past Saturday, Sami Zayn made a choice — one that will reverberate throughout the WWE Universe for a while — and that choice was to firmly align himself as a full-fledged member of The Bloodline at the expense of his longtime friend, Kevin Owens. Now with WarGames in the rearview mirror, fallout awaits, yet WWE's next premium live event isn't until the Royal Rumble set for Saturday, January 28. With that in mind, it begs the question: Who is going to win this year's, Royal Rumble? And, going one step further, should it be Sami Zayn? With his stock continuing to rise and arguably at an all-time high, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas spoke with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman to break down WarGames, and he had his say on the matter.

"He's definitely in the conversation, that's for sure," Korderas said. Zayn has been acting as the 'Honorary Uce' for months, but it wasn't until the September 23 episode of "SmackDown" when WWE Universal Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns officially dubbed him as such. With his Survivor Series decision leaving no doubt as to where his loyalties lie, it's intriguing to imagine what would happen if Zayn won the Royal Rumble. At the moment, the veteran official believes there's no discounting his popularity.

"He is, I don't want to say the most entertaining guy in wrestling right now, but he is up there as one of the must-see acts in pro wrestling today," Korderas continued. "He has elevated his stock beyond what I expected." As for his immediate future, though, Korderas doesn't see too much changing — for now. "I feel he stays with The Bloodline, at least for the time being."