Former WWE Referee Discusses Whether Bianca Belair Should Turn Heel

Bianca Belair was able to keep her dominant run going at Survivor Series as her team came out on top of the women's WarGames match. However, in the fast-paced world of wrestling, the focus has already shifted to what "The EST" will do next and who the next challenger for her "Raw" Women's Championship might be. Former WWE official Jimmy Korderas recently spoke with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman and he acknowledged that "there are a lot of directions you can go" now. 


"None of the women came out of that match on a lower stature. Everybody was elevated in that match," he said. "The goal is to have options. Where you go with Bianca now ... everybody wants to cheer Becky. Bianca's your babyface champion, and Becky wants to be cheered. Is there, 'Okay, I agreed to join your team, but you said you were going to give me an opportunity at your title for a chance to join your team,' or something like that?" Korderas wondered.

After "Raw" this week, it appears that Lynch is zeroing in on a feud against Bayley, but Korderas believes the former champion challenging Belair again "would be the endgame" with that being a WrestleMania match in his mind.

With Lynch firmly back as a babyface, if WWE was to revisit Belair vs. Lynch, it could be that Belair would switch things up by becoming a heel; Korderas thinks "you can make it work, anything is possible." However, he also questioned the timing of a possible heel turn for Belair right now. "I think this is not the right time. You have to build slowly towards that, I think," he said. "Take your time, tell a bit of a backstory to it, and if you're going to flip Bianca, do it when it doesn't seem like it's coming."