Fuego Del Sol Gives Update On Cody Rhodes' 'Fuego 2' Persona

It's hard to believe it's now been nearly a year since Cody Rhodes shockingly left AEW, leading to him re-joining WWE a few months later. And curiously, around the time Rhodes left AEW, the "son of Fuego Del So", known as Fuego 2, also disappeared, leaving behind another Fuego mask and many blurred-out images of his neck. Naturally, the disappearance of both around the same time has led to some speculating that Rhodes and Fuego 2 were the same.

Not so fast, says the original Fuego Del Sol. In an interview with AJ Awesome, Fuego clarified the status of Fuego 2 and whether there's anything to the rumors he and Rhodes are the same guy.

"RIP to Fuego 2," Fuego said. "He went missing, we didn't know what happened. A lot of people wanted to point out that it was around the same time Cody Rhodes left AEW. I don't think those two things are related whatsoever, and I don't know why people like to bring it up. I miss Cody too. 

"However, my son, Son of Fuego, Fuego 2, went missing, and now I believe he's presumed dead. If he's out there, please come home son. I miss you. Your family misses you. We need you back. But if he's no longer with us, RIP. I'm sure there will be many more Fuegos along the way."

Poor Fuego 2 may be gone, but rest assured he is never forgotten. And neither is Rhodes, despite him missing several months after he tore his pectoral muscle before his Hell in a Cell match with Seth Rollins earlier in the summer. As of this writing, there is still no firm timetable for Rhodes' return to the ring.

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