Tony Schiavone Recalls Recent Injury To Hangman Page

The professional wrestling world was shaken one of the sport's most beloved performers, "Hangman" Adam Page, suffered a scary injury on live television. During the October 18 edition of "AEW Dynamite," Page was promptly stretchered out of the arena after advisement from medical officials. In the moments prior, the Virginia native received a huge opportunity to reclaim his former AEW World Championship, as reigning champion Jon Moxley defended the title against Page. The champion then landed a massive lariat clothesline, but something went wrong.

Page crashed face-first into the ring mat and appeared immobile for a brief time. The match was ultimately stopped, and Page was later diagnosed with a concussion. Before the specifics of his injury were confirmed by AEW, some fans speculated a possible neck injury, but commentator and backstage interviewer Tony Schiavone immediately ruled out that possibility. "Someone [backstage] got in touch with me and says 'is he seriously hurt?' and I didn't know, because, by the time I got to the back, they had already take him to the hospital," he said on a recent edition of "Ask Tony Live."

"But my original thought was 'it's not the neck' because had it been the neck, they would've taken a long time to move him," he explained. "They pretty much checked him out, put him on a gurney, and moved him quicker than they would've moved him had he had a neck injury. So, I knew it wasn't a neck injury."

"Hangman" remained off AEW programming until November 30, where he confronted the now former champion, Jon Moxley, on "Dynamite." Moxley kicked off the show, claiming that no one in the locker room could get on the same level as him. Adam Page begged to differ though, making his awaited return, as the two then brawled at ringside before being separated by company officials.