Sami Zayn Compares The Bloodline Storytelling To Popular AMC Series

Since Survivor Series WarGames, relationships between two specific members of The Bloodline continue to evolve. One such member is Sami Zayn, who holds the distinction of 'Honorary Uce.' For months, he and Jey Uso have been at odds due to the latter's distrust of Zayn. This all could've come to a head when Jey accidentally super-kicked Zayn at WarGames. Instead, the master strategist saved Jey on at least one occasion, showed his loyalty to Roman Reigns, and even let Jey grab the pinfall victory over his life-long friend Kevin Owens.


The result? A hug heard 'round the world between him and Jey Uso. Yet the question with any great story is always going to be: What's next? In the meantime, he's been enjoying every moment of it. "I've been satisfied," Zayn said on "Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg," before adding "I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I watch it back and I'm like man I just wish they had the better shot of that." Yet while he would've liked a different angle, or maybe a few more seconds to build the anticipation, Zayn knows that ultimately it did not matter. "The guy hugged me and the place blew up, and it was 6-7 months in the making, that moment."

Speculation persists, however, that The Bloodline will ultimately turn on Zayn. After all, he is not truly family. As it happens, that has only fueled how organic this storyline has felt for him. "Even if you watch Breaking Bad, you're like 'oh this guy has to go down eventually,'" he added. "But you don't know how it's going to happen," speaking to how well everyone has executed their part. "This story's been one of the most creatively satisfying stories I've ever done, the only thing that comes close is probably stuff with Kevin. It's very unique."