Sami Zayn Reacts To AEW Star Praising The Usos For Topping PWI 100

It appears Kenny Omega has been closely following WWE's The Bloodline storyline.

On Tuesday, Omega was among the many pro wrestlers who reacted to The Usos topping the PWI 100 for tag teams, shortly after the likes of Dax Harwood of FTR and Jay Briscoe of The Briscoes criticized the publication for slotting The Usos above their own teams. However, unlike his AEW/ROH counterparts, Omega had nothing but praise for The Usos and even made an inside reference to Sami Zayn treating his "dawgs" Jimmy & Jey Usos to post-show meals – a nugget of information Zayn alluded to on the "Cheap Heat" podcast. It was revealed in the interview that Zayn and The Usos' real-life friendship played a big role in the trio coming together on-screen, and a viral video on social media last month suggested that Zayn loves to treat The Usos and Soloa Sikoa to meals at Waffle House. In recent episodes of "WWE Raw" and "WWE SmackDown," there have been further references to Zayn treating The Usos to dinner after live tapings.


Omega clearly knows a thing or two about Zayn and The Usos dining out on the road for WWE. 

"Well earned!" the AEW star wrote on The Usos topping PWI 100. "I'm sure pizza tonight is on fellow family member @SamiZayn! Congrats!"

In response, Zayn tweeted: "Right you are, my dawg." 

Zayn recently named Omega as one of his old opponents from the indies he "would love to work with again," while noting that he hadn't crossed paths with The Best Bout Machine since 2012, and "misses working with him." The two veteran wrestlers faced each other on several occasions for promotions such as PWG and DDT and even teamed up against The Young Bucks at a PWG event in October 2012.