Cody Rhodes Shows Off Swole Bicep In New Fan Photo

Cody Rhodes has been absent from view after suffering a torn pectoral tendon in June, but a new fan photograph posted to Twitter finds a buff Rhodes in an impressive bicep display.

WWE announced that Rhodes incurred a partially torn right pectoral tendon during a "Raw" match with Seth Rollins on May 30. Rather than withdraw from wrestling, Rhodes continued his gym preparations, but the tendon tore completely off the bone during a weight training session on June 3. Despite his condition, Rhodes kept the scheduled "Hell in a Cell" match against Rollins on June 5 – and while the bruising from his injury was visible, he nonetheless competed and ended the evening victorious.

On the June 10 episode of "SmackDown," Michael Cole announced Rhodes had undergone surgery and was expected to be out of commission for nine months – he had only been back at WWE since April. The company did not offer updates on his condition since Cole's announcement.

Last week, Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Rhodes' recovery was "going well" and that he was back to normal with his training and gym work. Rhodes has made gains in the gym according to a photograph on a fan's Twitter page that showed Rhodes in a sleeveless t-shirt with his left arm posed in a mighty bicep flex.

Rhodes avoided posting new photographs of himself to social media since his surgery. On Thanksgiving Day, he posted two photographs in a short-sleeved shirt that showed both arms sporting considerable muscles.

WWE has yet to announce when Rhodes will be able to return to the ring.