Apollo Crews Addresses How Much Longer He'll Be In WWE NXT

It's been an eight-year stint for Apollo Crews in the WWE, and he now finds himself back on the "NXT" brand after having spent around six years on the main roster. So far the move back to "NXT" has been a good one for Crews. He is scheduled to challenge Bron Breakker for the "NXT" Championship this Saturday night at the Deadline event.

Crews is liking this "NXT" run so much that he's in no rush to make it back to "Raw" or "SmackDown" any time soon, as he revealed in an interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman. At the same time, Crews wanted to make it clear that he has goals that extend beyond the "NXT" brand.

"I'm not in a hurry, because I want to keep developing and keep bringing more sides out of me before going back and presenting whatever package is presented," Crews said. "But I want to be able to have all my angles covered to where that mistake isn't made again of 'Okay, here I am, just smile and do cool stuff.' I need that depth...I need to really understand the different levels of who I am to be the best superstar that I can be.

"So obviously, of course, WrestleMania is the goal. 'Raw,' 'SmackDown,' of course those, that's definitely the goal. But right now, I'm enjoying the time that I have in 'NXT' and the way I feel like if I handle my business here correctly, all those things will fall in place. I'll just control what I can and make the best of what I'm doing and let the rest take care of itself."

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