Matt Hardy Names Tag Team Championships He Wants To Win

The Hardy Boyz are one of the most decorated tag teams in professional wrestling. During Matt and Jeff Hardy's time in WWE, ROH, and Impact Wrestling, they won 12 world tag team championships together. Most of their tag team title victories came in WWE, as that is where both men spent much of their careers. However, just because their careers appear to be winding down doesn't mean they have accomplished all of their goals in wrestling. Matt addressed his thoughts on possibly going after New Japan Pro-Wrestling's IWGP World Tag Team Championships.

"Yeah, that would be great," Hardy said on "The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy." "I really hate that we didn't get to win the AEW World Tag Team Titles when we got that first shot at them. New Japan definitely stands out. That would be something that would be great to put on our list." The Hardys were set to compete for the AEW World Tag Team Championships earlier this year, but it didn't happen due to Jeff's arrest on DUI charges.

When asked about which defunct tag team title he would choose to go after, Hardy replied:"We were going to start doing this [House Hardy] series as a regular on the [WWE] Network. We were going to kind of be able to contain the Broken Universe right there and do whatever we want. ... One of the things I was really set on doing was, I wanted to teleport back in time to Philadelphia to the ECW Arena, and I wanted to shoot something in the ECW Arena where we fought The Dudley Boyz for the ECW Tag Team Titles and defeated them."

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