Sol Ruca Reportedly Getting Praise For WWE Match Finish

This past Friday, "WWE NXT" performer Sol Ruca garnered quite a bit of attention among wrestling fans when she debuted a new finishing move. The finisher, which sees Ruca perform a backflip off the second rope into a cutter, apparently caught the eyes of more than just the fans. According to a new report from Fightful Select, WWE management was excited by the hype surrounding the finish to the match. It seems likely this will set up Ruca for a more prominent position in the company moving forward.

WWE Head of Creative Paul "Triple H" Levesque praised the match's finish on Twitter, stating that the "Future is SO bright." It's certainly not a bad thing to grab the attention of the boss with a standout performance, and Ruca managed to do just that on the latest episode of "WWE NXT Level Up."

Ruca made her professional wrestling debut over the summer, and has wrestled less than 20 professional wrestling matches as of this writing. The "WWE NXT" star has previously faced off against performers such as Indi Hartwell, Zoey Stark, and Elektra Lopez, with most of her appearances thus far coming on "WWE NXT Level Up." With plenty of time ahead of her to improve her skills and build a reputation for herself, it's likely that Ruca will become a name that more and more fans will continue to learn.

Though she's gained a lot of attention over the past several days, Ruca isn't actually the first person to use a flip into a cutter as a finisher. In the past, NOAH star Dante Leon has utilized a variation of the move with great success. However, Ruca has put her own spin on the finisher, helping set her version apart from Leon's.