William Regal Issues Statement To Fans As WWE Return Rumors Swirl

William Regal has seemingly debunked reports surrounding his imminent return to WWE.

Earlier on Monday, PWInsider reported that Regal had "officially come to terms on his new position" with the WWE and would start with the company "in the first week of January." The report added that Regal would assume a "Vice President position" upon his WWE return, but didn't specify what his official title/role would be.

"There seems to be a lot of news about me getting spread around," Regal tweeted Monday. "There are enough people who really know me (although they are few as trust is a big issue with me) who know the truth. Unless you hear it from me directly it is at best second hand information.....

"....unless you hear it directly from ME it is either wrong or someone's interpretation of what is really going on. And that means EVERYTHING that is being said about me from every "source". That goes for ANYONE SAYING they have spoken or know me. A still tongue keeps a wise head!"

PWInsider's report came in the aftermath of AEW President Tony Khan confirming last week that Regal was set to depart for WWE with the intention of working closely with his son, "WWE NXT" superstar Charlie Dempsey. Subsequently, several reports noted that Khan had granted Regal a conditional release, with the terms precluding Regal from appearing as an on-screen character for WWE until 2024. However, the reports suggested Regal would be allowed to work a backstage role for WWE starting in the new year. 

Regal bid adieu to his Blackpool Combat Club (BCC) members on last week's "AEW Dynamite," where The Gentleman Villain appeared in a backstage segment to justify his betrayal of Jon Moxley at last month's Full Gear pay-per-view. AEW's social media and YouTube channels titled the segment Regal's "one last message" for Moxley & the rest of the BCC faction, which seemed to confirm that AEW audiences had seen the last of Regal.