Update On If William Regal Can Appear On WWE TV After AEW Release

The dust is settled and all will soon be official regarding the status of William Regal, after AEW CEO Tony Khan announced today that Regal will be leaving the company, having asked AEW not to extend an option on his deal in order to return to WWE to work with his son, NXT's Charlie Dempsey. And now the question becomes: Will fans be seeing Regal on WWE TV, as well?

The answer to that question, at least initially, is no. During the media call for Ring of Honor Final Battle, shortly after clarifying Regal's status, Khan revealed that Regal's release was a conditional one. The release will allow Regal to work behind-the-scenes within WWE, including in a producer's role, but will prevent him from appearing on WWE programming throughout 2023. As such, the soonest Regal could appear on TV is 2024.

Khan also revealed that he was caught by surprise by WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H featuring Regal in a supercut of Regal saying "WarGames" just prior to WWE's recent premium live event, Survivor Series: WarGames. The AEW and ROH owner wasn't as positive on that development, feeling it wasn't in the spirit of the agreement AEW and Regal had come up with, given how accommodating Khan felt AEW had been.

Despite that, Regal's release is still all set to go, with Khan noting that Regal would be remaining with the promotion for the rest of the month. In the meantime, Khan will turn his focus towards tonight's "AEW Dynamite," and Final Battle, which takes place this Saturday.