Latest Hint Cameron Grimes Is WWE Main Roster Bound

In recent months, "NXT" star Cameron Grimes has begun to appear less on "NXT" while starting to make his first glimpses on the main roster. The October 17 edition of WWE "Main Event" included a match where Grimes went one-on-one against Akira Tozawa, successfully defeating the longtime veteran. He would make an appearance on "Raw" that same week, requesting the help of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to come down to "NXT" and team up against members of Schism in a six-man tag team match. In the months that have followed, several reports have emerged stating that Grimes is on his way to a full-time main roster run, but whether he will regularly appear on "Raw" or "SmackDown" is still up in the air.

Grimes seems to be playing up the speculation regarding where and where he will officially make his in-ring debut and how it will go down. He took to Twitter this week and quote tweeted an image that Johnny Gargano posted of a whiteboard filled with sketches for wacky, potential bits Gargano could do with Dexter Lumis to earn more money. It caught Grimes' attention, as he posted a wide-eyed emoji to comment on the picture. It could indicate that Grimes looks to use some of his cryptocurrency and stock knowledge to help out Gargano and Lumis, but it also could be a hint that he could be reigniting his storied feud with Lumis that culminated in a strap match at TakeOver: WarGames 2020. 

It also bodes well that earlier this week, it was reported that Grimes is becoming more familiar with backstage WWE producers like Shane Helms, who does work on both "Raw" and "SmackDown." Regardless of the brand, fans can look forward to soon yelling out, "To the moon!" regularly along with Grimes.