Big Update On WWE Vs. MLW Lawsuit

2022 has been a crazy year for wrestling, and 2023 appears to be ready to follow in its footsteps. Fans already know they'll be seeing Sasha Banks in the Tokyo Dome, and that disgraced former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon may attempt a comeback with WWE, perhaps while he simultaneously battles more accusations against him. And now it appears the MLW vs. WWE lawsuit will also continue into the new year, perhaps even well into it.

PWInsider is reporting that MLW's lawsuit against WWE will likely be allowed to proceed, following several rulings yesterday by presiding judge Edward J. Davilia. Despite that, the rulings also seemed to guarantee this would be a slow process, with several dates related to an upcoming trial, including a conference to set a trial date, set to take place in the fall and winter of 2023.

The most pressing update relates to February when both WWE and MLW are expected to present any amending pleadings they have regarding the case. Following that, the case would then go to the discovery process, which would allow each side to uncover the materials needed to argue their respective cases. The process would last until September.

In a motion filed earlier this month, MLW revealed they'd be seeking several documents in discovery, including those related to VICE TV, Tubi TV, and FITE, WWE employee agreements, and those related to WWE poaching talent from MLW and other organizations. MLW originally brought forth the lawsuit in January, accusing WWE of interfering with MLW's business, most notably potential deals with Tubi TV and VICE TV. WWE filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit back in March, and issued a similar filing in May, though the recent rulings suggest a dismissal of the suit is unlikely.