Arn Anderson Confirms Backstage WWE Story About New AEW Hire

After leaving WWE back in 2020, the company's former Vice President of Global Television Production Mike Mansury has now made his way over to AEW, stepping in as a Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer. During a recent episode of "Ask Arn Anything" on AdFreeShows, AEW coach and onscreen manager Arn Anderson shared his thoughts on the company's latest hire, confirming that Mansury was next-in-line for Kevin Dunn's position at WWE, essentially running the production side of the company's major shows.

"I like Mike, [I] always got along with Mike," Anderson said. "Nice guy. I imagine he's wanted to learn the business even more, or he wouldn't still be around. With [the] two years we were shut down, I don't know what a lot of people did, but some people in this business ended up not having anywhere to go." 

Anderson then went on to praise the production team at AEW for constantly working to improve and make the company's shows as good as they can possibly be. "They're just like us. We're always learning, all the time."

Mansury reportedly left WWE after finding that there was no room for "upward mobility," as Dunn didn't look to be leaving his role any time soon. After leaving WWE, Mansury made his way over to "The Pat McAfee Show" as a producer for a time, though it seems he's now made his way back into the world of professional wrestling. With his new position at AEW, even people behind the scenes at their rival WWE are said to be praising the hire, considering everything Mansury brings to the table.