Arn Anderson Calls Former WWE Executive 'The Antichrist'

Arn Anderson spent time as a performer for WWE in the late 1980s and early 1990s and later on, worked backstage for the company. Most wrestlers have signature moves in pro wrestling, with Anderson's being his infamous Spinebuster, sometimes referred to today as a Double-A Spinebuster. While with WWE, Tony Schiavone would often not call the Spinebuster by its actual name, and Anderson discussed why he believes that may have happened on "Ask Arn Anything."


"Let me give [Schiavone] this much benefit of the doubt — it could have been the guy sitting over there, the antichrist, telling him to call all this bulls***," Anderson said. "It could have been Vince. He's not, he's not beyond it. Trust me."

From 1982 until July 2022, McMahon was the CEO and Chairman of the Board of WWE. During those 40 years, McMahon became one of the most controversial individuals in pro wrestling — both on screen and off. Many have their own personal thoughts about McMahon, with some of his biggest supporters not being too thrilled when he announced his immediate retirement from the world of pro wrestling earlier this year. This retirement, of course, came following the launching of an investigation regarding McMahon paying multiple women, who used to work in WWE, hush money following inappropriate sexual relations.


Despite the allegations thrown towards the disgraced former WWE executive, recent reports have stated that McMahon is looking to make a comeback and return to WWE. It has since been reported that some backstage at WWE are not necessarily hoping that McMahon returns.

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