WOW Drawing Higher Ratings Than Any Wrestling Show Not Produced By WWE Or AEW

Just based on the television ratings, it's plain to see that AEW and WWE are the two most successful wrestling companies in the world right now. But the wrestling promotion that's being watched third most may come as a surprise. 

New York Times and's Brandon Thurston worked in tandem for a new report that reveals Women of Wrestling is drawing more viewers than Impact Wrestling on AXS TV. WOW returned to television this past September, airing on cable channels owned and operated by CBS, Sinclair Communications, Nexstar Broadcasting, Hearst Television, and others. This rendition of the series is a revitalization of what WOW has offered over the years, with the company first coming on the scene in 2000 and airing for one entire season. It returned for a four-year stint on streaming services between 2015 and 2019 and landed a cable deal with AXS TV from 2019 to 2020.

Impact continues its partnership with AXS TV, but that limits the channel to only around half of U.S. homes with cable. The various channels WOW is on remain available in every cable home in the United States; it's also being shown regularly in Australia and Canada. If the company continues on this trend of success, we might see some crossover begin with bigger promotions like AEW or New Japan Pro-Wrestling. AEW and NJPW previously produced a Forbidden Door pay-per-view that had stars from each brand battling one another. If there's a sequel, which Tony Khan has stated will likely happen, it would benefit all brands to bring in some women from a growing brand like WOW.

WOW's thirteenth episode of season four aired on December 12 and featured the WOW Tag Team Championship Tournament finals between Miami Sweet Heat (Laurie & Lindsey Carlson) and The Tonga Twins (Kaoz & Kona).