Max Caster On Why The Acclaimed Aren't The 'New' New Age Outlaws

The Acclaimed have become one of AEW's most over acts the past few months, winning the AEW World Tag Team Championships back in September on "Dynamite," and going on to celebrate National Scissoring Day. The duo experienced this success alongside WWE Hall of Famer "Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn, the man who helped The Acclaimed defeat Swerve in our Glory for the tag titles. With Gunn being aligned alongside them, some fans have drawn comparisons to a tag team Gunn was part of during WWE's Attitude Era known as the New Age Outlaws. The New Age Outlaws, like The Acclaimed, found tremendous success as a tag team, as they won the WWE Tag Team Championships six times — their most recent tag title victory coming in early 2014.

While on "Busted Open Radio," Max Caster of The Acclaimed addressed comparisons between The Acclaimed and The New Age Outlaws.

"We call ourselves 'the new legends,' we're not the 'new' New Age Outlaws," Caster said. "We are the new legends in wrestling because of what we have been able to accomplish just this year and once we won the titles, I told Anthony, 'If we have a full year of just focused energy on getting this to be the most popular thing in wrestling and the loser popular thing in the world, we're set for life.'"

The Acclaimed have become of the most popular teams in AEW recently, and they did it without making their way over from another major promotion such as WWE or NJPW. Cast discussed who The Acclaimed represent when they step in the ring at AEW. "We represent all the homegrown talent on the roster as well," Caster said. "They look at us different now too. Like, what want to know what to do now and if we can pass that on, that would be great."