WWE Reportedly Did Not Give Mandy Rose The Option To Tone Down Her FanTime Before Firing Her

Wednesday morning, following the end of her 413-day reign as "WWE NXT" Women's Champion, WWE released Mandy Rose from her contract, reportedly due to the content she'd been releasing on her FanTime page. In the aftermath, speculation took over, with many theorizing that WWE potentially gave Rose the opportunity to tone down her content before letting her go. According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, however, that is not the case. No such option was presented before WWE decided to cut ties.


Due to her roster status and contract situation, Meltzer reports that Rose did have some wiggle room when it came to earning money outside of her wrestling endeavors. While still under a main roster contract, she had been working as an "NXT" talent and thus, didn't have the same restrictions as a main roster performer would. "NXT talent was allowed to do things to earn extra money main roster talent could not," Meltzer states. Ultimately though, the content became too much and with some of the photos leaking, it led to the seemingly blindsiding decision. No title, no contract — just like that. 

"It is believed she was fired without being given the option to take the stuff down and tone down her site," he continued. Due to her status as an active performer, and given that these photos and videos were readily available to subscribers, WWE officials figured as though they had no other choice. For what it's worth, Rose may be done with wrestling for the time being, but she assured everyone her FanTime page is still up. As for her reign as "NXT" Women's Champion, Rose holds the third-longest reign at 413 days, behind only Shayna Baszler (416) and Asuka (522).