WWE Star Talks About The Importance Of Having Bray Wyatt Back

Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE at the end of Extreme Rules 2022 — adding his name to the list of previously released stars rehired by Triple H since July. Prior to his surprising release in 2021, Wyatt had been very successful in WWE, winning the "WWE SmackDown" Tag Team Championship once and holding a world title three times. Toward the end of his first WWE run, Wyatt had begun a partnership with 5-time Women's Champion Alexa Bliss. Both Wyatt and Bliss possessed seemingly supernatural powers, however, the story never had a chance to reach its conclusion due to Wyatt's release. While on "BT Sport," Bliss discussed her thoughts on working alongside Wyatt when it comes to coming up with new ideas.

"He all of these just ideas that, you know, some of them are way out there that you have to like, reel in," Bliss said. "There's all these things and he just has all these concepts and all these ideas that are just so good and it was just so fun to just able to like, sit down with him and just like, bounce ideas back and forth. But, because working with him, now I have almost like, unlocked a different side of my brain creatively — Because of him I was able to come up with the concept for Lily."

Bliss and Wyatt have been teased onscreen to work together again following his return. With a possible reunion in the future, Bliss addressed Wyatt returning to WWE. "He's such a key part of WWE and such a, you know, presence and character that it's so great that he's back," Bliss said. "I feel like there was this character void and the fact that he's back and just that creative, you need that creative energy around."

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