Ruby Soho Opens Up About 'Roller Coaster' Year In AEW

From the beginning of the year until All Out in September, Ruby Soho wrestled 39 matches. During her match on Zero Hour before All Out, Tay Conti nailed Soho with her finisher, leading to Soho's nose being broken. Soho recently returned and exacted revenge in defeating Conti on the 2022 Winter is Coming edition of "AEW Dynamite." While on "Busted Open Radio," Soho discussed her 2022 and what she has attempted to do in AEW.


"2022 has been a roller coaster," Soho said. "It has been me, trying to kind of, kind of find my footing here in AEW, exactly what my role, where I fit in, who I want to present myself as, and obviously getting injured and being out for three months and then, kind of mentally, dealing with that."

Soho's broken nose was one of her most notable moments in 2022. She revealed what made her nose injury different from the injury to her shoulders in previous years. "I had no time to prepare for it," Soho said. "It's such a change in lifestyle in such a quick period of time so your brain has to have time to get used to where you're at now." Soho later continued about her struggle with her nose. "I had actually broken my nose probably several times prior to my most recent break," Soho said. "When I got it broken the last time ... I had never felt that kind of pain before in my life."


A nose injury is not the only time Soho has felt pain, as she revealed which match from the Owen Hart Foundation Women's tournament she felt pain during. "I remember my match with Riho," Soho continued. "After that match, was the most pain I've been in a match in a really long time."