William Regal Reportedly Had An Opt Out Clause In His AEW Contract

William Regal's departure from AEW is no longer a hidden secret in the wrestling world, with Tony Khan clarifying the details of Regal's exit a few short weeks ago; he is set to re-join WWE in the new year. However, there has been some debate about the nature of his AEW contract and the terms allowing for his departure, but according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, his initial deal may have included a pair of opt-out clauses for both parties to take advantage of. 

Regal reportedly had a clause that kicked in on February 24 of next year, with Khan having an opt-out option of his own that activated on December 22. However, according to Khan's explanation during the Final Battle media call, neither was relied upon to bring Regal's time with AEW to a close. Both parties mutually struck their own agreement freeing each side from the contract and making way for Regal's return to WWE.

Regal is expected to engage in radio silence once he begins working for WWE again; his final podcast aired this week, and he hadn't taped anything new for it since November. Yet, even with Regal WWE-bound, AEW has continued to reference him. He remains a key component of storylines involving MJF, including what looks to be a new program with Bryan Danielson. The "American Dragon" is seeking vengeance for MJF brutally attacking his mentor and friend and effectively writing him out of AEW. 

Regal had requested his AEW release in order to coach his son Charlie Dempsey, who is currently part of the "NXT" roster. However, fans shouldn't expect to see him screaming "WarGames!" anytime soon as part of WWE or "NXT" programming; terms of his agreement to leave will restrict him from appearing on WWE television until 2024 at the earliest.