Eric Bischoff Explains Why Mandy Rose Shouldn't Join AEW

Mandy Rose may no longer be the "NXT" Women's Champion or work for WWE anymore, but she's still the talk of the professional wrestling world in some circles. Despite her recent release, all signs point to Rose doing just fine financially thanks to her FanTime site. Not only that, but murmurs persist that she could always end up elsewhere, such as AEW. Eric Bischoff, however, advises against that for one very specific reason.


"I would say Mandy – what the f*** are you talking about going to AEW?" Bischoff said on "83 Weeks with Christy Olson." "You're making more money 45 minutes a week than you could make in the next two years at AEW. And why would you do that?"

Bischoff has been critical of AEW in the past. He believes it'd be a step down for Rose.

"She's been to the mountaintop," he continued.

Bischoff may not entirely understand the fascination with FanTime and similar sites, but he's the last person that's going to stand in Rose's way.

"If she's going to go the route of OnlyFans or whatever, I don't have an opinion of it," he continued.

When it comes to those sites and the oft-cited "morality clause" in contracts – specifically with regards to WWE – Bischoff believes the language surrounding it is likely very vague.


"I don't pass judgment, you know? If women or men decide that they want to be involved, then I don't care as long as it's not hurting anybody and they're doing it on their own volition. I don't see the conflict."

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