Former WWE Champion Says He's Proud Of Bianca Belair And Other Black WWE Talent

It's easy to forget that, this time last year, Big E was the WWE Champion and nowhere close to the broken neck he'd suffer shortly after the reign ended. And while some felt Big E's reign could've been treated a bit better, his run as champion, along with those of New Day partner Kofi Kingston and Bobby Lashley, have been seen as positive steps forward for Black talent, both in WWE and in wrestling in general.


Speaking with These Urban Times, Big E shared his thoughts on the landscape for Black talent in wrestling.

"I'm so proud of just the amount of talent across the board," Big E said. "You look at one of the very biggest stars in our industry, that's Bianca [Belair]. She's been absolutely killing it, not just in the ring, but outside of it. Just from seeing the way that little girls from all backgrounds and colors, the way they connect with her is so cool. Her husband Montez [Ford], his partner [Angelo] Dawkins, Bobby Lashley obviously. I don't know what this man is made of, but I think he's aging backwards."

As for what has made Black talent more successful in wrestling these days, Big E believes it's because promotions, like WWE, are looking to sign Black talents because of their talents, and not just to say they've signed them.


"There's so many Black talents who aren't just there to fill a quota," Big E said. "They clearly are so talented that they deserve to be in their spot in the ring. So I'm really proud of the progression. Obviously there's more work to be done too, but it's been really cool to see the amount of really talented Black talent come along in the last few years."

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