Ricky Starks Explains Why He And The Rock Are Very Different Wrestlers

Throughout his ascent from a promising young upstart on the independent scene to challenging for the AEW World Championship, Ricky Starks has been compared to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson time and time again. Appearing on "Casual Conversations With The Classic," Starks addressed those comparisons, and shared his thoughts on what truly separates himself and Johnson as performers.


"I go out there and I have this effeminate, sassy ... attitude," Starks said. "Whereas The Rock was just this 'alpha male.' The only similarities we have is that we both talk crap about other people. I can't help that I'm good at that." Starks also acknowledged that many of the comparisons between himself and Johnson are due to their shared tendency to go all out when it comes to fashion. The AEW star then went on to talk about the importance of fashion in wrestling and how it can influence the audience to dress nicely, highlighting the outrageous outfits worn by WWE performer Seth Rollins in recent months as another great example.

Following his unsuccessful challenge for the AEW World Championship against MJF a few weeks back, Starks was confronted on the most recent episode of "AEW Dynamite" by Chris Jericho, who recently suffered his own surprise loss on television. Jericho and the Jericho Appreciation Society extended an invitation for Starks to join the group, but the former FTW Champion shut the offer down. It seems as though Starks and Jericho will now be pitted against each other in a feud, with Starks laying out a challenge for the former world champion to take place on the January 4 edition of "Dynamite."