CM Punk Responds To AEW Star Imploring Him To Hash Out Differences With The Elite

CM Punk has responded to comments made by Dax Harwood on his new podcast, "FTR with Dax Harwood," where Harwood made a plea for Punk and The Elite to work out their differences 

"This is my plea to all four guys. Please find a way to make it work. If we can make it work, we can set up the future of professional wrestling for a long time and we can change the course of professional wrestling for a very long time. When you think about it, unselfishly, we're doing this for 20-30 years down the road so guys and girls can make a living," said Harwood. 


A part of Harwood's comments found its way to Instagram with the post featuring a screenshot of a tweet simply reading, "AEW's Dax Harwood makes plea for CM Punk, The Elite to 'find a way to make it work.'" 

The post received a high-profile comment, as Punk himself commented on the post with one word, "Duh."

CM Punk's status with AEW still remains hazy after his issues and brawl with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. While The Elite has returned to AEW television, Punk has remained off-air. Amidst talks of a potential contract buyout and Punk's friend and trainer Ace Steel being released from AEW, things don't look positive for Punk's AEW future.

On the podcast, Harwood also went into detail about his relationship with Punk and the lead-up to the events that took place backstage after AEW All Out. He spoke about Punk's relationship with AEW before All Out and revealed he talked to Punk over the phone right after the brawl that took place backstage after All Out.