MJF Responds To Winning 2022 ESPN Wrestling Award

It's year-end award season, which means AEW World Champion MJF should be expecting some hardware given his strong performances in the ring and on the mic in 2022. One place he apparently shouldn't be expecting a trophy from, however, is ESPN. A day after ESPN published an article revealing their wrestling awards, MJF responded to ESPN NHL writer, and noted wrestling fan, Greg Wyshynski regarding his victory for "Promo Artist of the Year."


"Am I getting a f*****g plaque for this bulls**t or what?" MJF tweeted. Wyshynski reached back out to MJF to confirm that there was no plaque or similar trophy in MJF's future. He did however offer up another prize for MJF to take home. "Best I can do is a DVD copy of 'Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch' with a picture hanger on the back," Wyshynski tweeted.

Alas, while MJF is into movies these days, having filmed a role for the upcoming Von Erich biopic "The Iron Claw," his response to Wyshynski seems to suggest he isn't all that interested in seeing what hula dance routine Lilo and Stitch could come up with for the annual May Day festival. "Go to hell Greg," MJF tweeted. Fortunately for MJF, Wyshynski is a good sport, and ended their interaction with a lighthearted final comment. "Might have a new pinned tweet," Wyshynski tweeted. Aside from tweeting at ESPN writers, MJF was seen on last night's "AEW Dynamite", taking in the Bryan Danielson vs Ethan Page match with independent wrestler Daddi Doom. No word yet on how MJF is explaining that one to his fiancee, artist Naomi Rosenblum.