Update On AAA & Disney's Marvel Lucha Libre Series

Avid viewers of Lucha Libre AAA will recall that many of the promotion's recent major shows have started off with a Marvel Lucha Libre match, where luchadores would dress up as Marvel characters and take to the ring. Those matches looked to be leading to the ultimate endgame for the Marvel and AAA partnership, which was "Marvel Lucha Libre Edition: El Origen de la Mascara", a TV series scheduled to be released on Disney+ on December 21.


Nine days after December 21 however, the series has yet to appear on Disney+, understandably calling into question its status. The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that the day came and went without the series premiering, and the belief is that indicates that something has fallen through on the project. WON also stated that no word, either publicly or privately, had emerged explaining the delay. In addition to matches taped on numerous AAA shows, "Marvel Lucha Libre Edition" was far enough along that a trailer for the show was released in October, showing cinematic footage of several Marvel Lucha characters in a similar style to Lucha Underground. Curiously, the trailer has since been made private on YouTube, though a version can still be found on a random user's account.


While the future of the planned Marvel Lucha Libre series on Disney+ is up in the air, it does appear AAA and Marvel are still working together. Another Marvel Lucha Libre match took place at AAA's event in Acapulco this past Wednesday, though the match was scheduled long before December 21 came and went.